Deborah’s FLANimals - Bear (Hot or Cold)

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Deborah’s FLANimals

FLANimals are Handmade with warm soft Flannel, 100% Canadian & other Materials.

Reusable, Natural and with just a touch of a scent when heated.

Suitable for all ages.


- Take the Bag out of the FLANimal and then put the Bag into the microwave.

(Microwave the Bag for 90 seconds to start. Shake the bag.

Put the Bag back into the FLANimal and it will be warm and cuddly to hold or snuggle up to.

* If you want it hotter only microwave the Bag another 20 seconds at a time *


The FLANimal can be washed in washing machine on the delicate cycle; cold water and

dried in the dryer on low heat.

**DO NOT wash the Bag; take it out of FLANimal before washing and drying **

Size: 11½” W x 15” L (Approximately)

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